We source a wide selection of shrimp species, including farm-raised Black Tiger and White Vannamei Shrimp and wild Brown, White and Red shrimp. Our shrimp is harvested year-round and sourced from well managed wild fisheries and farms.  Our shrimp is processed in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina and Ecuador. We also work closely with our domestic shrimp producers to offer White, pink and brown shrimp in many forms.  We sell shrimp in a variety of sizes and product forms from Headless shell on, Peeled tail on and off, EZ peel, Head on and cooked.  We can also offer custom specifications for product to fit your private label needs.  Always 100% net weight and always fresh and succulent.

Vannamei White Shrimp
Black Tiger Shrimp
Argentine Pink Shrimp
Central and South American Shrimp
Domestic whites
Domestic browns
Domestic pinks

We know where our catch comes from and our customers should too

Wild caught, sustainably harvested, 100% premium Shrimp

Responsible fishing practices