• Unique supply chain solutions
  • Source Direct – Customized import programs
  • Custom designed product lines built for your needs
  • Vendor Managed "just-in-time" Inventory contracts

Our global network of top-quality producers provides us a unique vantage point and the ability to bring you a wide range of products to build your long-term programs around.  Let us be an extension of buying department as we can do the heavy lifting around the world to bring you closer to the source.



  • Under purchase contracts with coordinated purchasing and shipping schedules we can hold inventory for you to draw on, so you receive just in time inventory.  Increase your turns and increase your cash flow with International Seafood Ventures.
  • Terms and conditions of Vendor Managed Programs are designed to meet end-user’s needs and each program is customized so it becomes a win-win relationship long term.


  • We create unique relationships with our customers, utilizing our extensive experience, worldwide networks, and knowledge in a collaboration approach to supply chain solutions.
  • The end results put us on the same side of the desk, eliminating the traditional conflict of interests between the buyer and seller.