Crab is our specialty and as a family owned and operated producer and importer, we strive to provide the best quality and widest variety of premium quality wild caught crab products as possible.  Our crab is sourced globally as we partner with crab fisherman and producers from well-managed, sustainable and traceable fisheries. Whatever your needs are in crab International Seafood Ventures is your go to source.

Opilio Snow Crab - Clusters, Cocktail Claws and Combo Meat
(Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway, Greenland)

Russian Deep-Water Snow Crab - Clusters (Japonicus and Angulatus)

Dungeness Crab - Clusters and Whole Cooked (AK, CA, OR, WA, Canada)

Red King Crab - Leg and Claws (Russia and Alaska)

Gold King Crab - Leg and Claws (Russian and Alaska)

Bairdi Snow Crab - Clusters (Alaska & Russia)

Argentina Southern Red Crab - Leg and Claws & Clusters

Canadian Jonah Crab - Triple Scored Claw & Arms and Cocktail Claws

Canadian Rock Crab - Clusters and Meat

Our King Crab is packed in our world-renowned Arctic Chef brand.

We know where our catch comes from and our customers should too

• Alaska,
• Canada,
• Russia,
• Norway,
• Greenland
• Argentina
Responsible fishing practices